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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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ABOUT THE COMPANY - Groupe Bernières inc

Agility, creativity, determination: My team and I spare no effort in our quest to exceed our customers’ expectations. Because our customers aren’t just customers—they’re our business partners.

We’ve worked hard 365 days a year to maintain our position as a trusted carrier and indispensable link in your supply chain for over 25 years.

Our quest for complete customer satisfaction is supported by:

  • A cohesive and highly dedicated team that puts people at the forefront of business processes
  • Advanced expertise and innovative systems that allow us to offer the best rates in the industry
  • Reduced truck speeds, minimized engine idling time and minimized empty runs, all of which generate substantial savings that benefit our customers and the environment
  • Rigorous and disciplined management processes that has earned Bernières the distinction of being cited as a reference in the industry and a leading success story by Université du Québec

Our commitment: Invest all of our resources—human, physical and financial—into maintaining our position as a trusted industry leader. You can count on Groupe Bernières to put you in the fast lane to success!

Daniel Bouchard, Owner

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